Thursday, March 5, 2015

A year in the making.

Well, I began this blog thinking I would use it to narrate my Stitch Fix escapades, which I will continue to do because it's just too fun. However, I find that I am constantly finding something that needs fixing in my life, and as it turns out, my wardrobe isn't all that needs work. Let's just call me an addicted fixer. Even if something's not broken, I will try to find a way to make it better.

Before I dive into the newest so-called problem to fix, I'll give you a recap of the last year.

Most of you know that hubbs and I bought a house a year ago (March 2014). 

 Here is May 2014 vs July 2014. We love our cute little row home!

We moved in and immediately (literally, the next day) began renovating our first floor living room, kitchen, and bathroom. It was a huge renovation that included moving walls, replacing the ceiling, installing wood floors, building cabinets, tiling, painting, plumbing, and electrical work. See the hideous before pics, and surely you can understand why we couldn't wait just one more minute to start:


   Blah to the light wood cabinets, black appliances, and beige tiles. I really hate beige. 

We knocked out the bulk head and a half wall, put in some recessed lights, expanded the doorway, and took some really scary reno photos:


A total mess.

But the afters really make everything worth it:


It was a total overhaul of the first floor that we did 97% by ourselves with loads of help from Adam's family (a friend also gave us some drywall and paint while we were at work. Thanks David!).

At the time, we had NO idea what we were doing so I couldn't possibly have written about it, but we learned so much that we could probably do it again with less difficulty in our next home. 

Since we finished our first floor over the summer, and I gave our basement a little face lift over the winter, I've now been itching to start a new big reno. I do recognize that this is only a townhouse and there is a certain max point where we won't get the money back, but it's so much fun! I figure if we live in it and enjoy our hard work for a while, it's well worth it.

 So soothing and slightly rustic "man cave" basement.

With that said, my lofty running reno list for our teal-infused townhome includes: kitchen, living room, half bath, basement, basement bathroom, master bathroom, built-in master closets, a 3rd bedroom conversion for our loft, jack-and-jill bathroom, and a few other mini things here and there. Now that I've gotten the hang of some DIY things, I figure I'll share my experiences with all of you to prove (or disprove... we'll see) that doing it yourself is not as hard as it seems. If you'd like, follow me for house stuff, or if not stick around for my monthly Stitch Fix updates. I'll be here!

Coming soon... basement bathroom.

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