Monday, February 29, 2016

Let's do it.

I'm a terrible blogger. I can't tell you how many times I sat down to write an update and just never did it! But here we are, more than a month from my last post, and I'm just getting around to posting. We're not quite done with stuff yet, so I don't feel that far behind in the big scheme of things, but we're getting closer!

Anyhow, here's our midway post showing what we did after we destroyed the whole upstairs, because I promise we did fix things and want to prove it!

I left you a month ago with some torn up carpet and 2x4-framed walls. Well, after we had wall frames, we needed drywall. My beautiful, loving husband spent about 10 hours one day screwing heavy drywall sheets to the frames, alone, high up on a ladder. I am very thankful for him and that he's alive to tell the story!

Looks good, huh?
I came in behind him and mudded all the joints, screw holes, and imperfections. I say this as if it were only an hour or two, but in reality it was probably about 6-7 days. GAH. Mud, dry for 24 hours, sand, try again. Obviously I'm not a pro at this and, before this project, had no idea what I was doing. But things turned out ok, and, by now, I'd say I'm an intermediate.

When I thought I had everything perfect, or as close as possible (let's be real: we are DIYers, so nothing is perfect), I primed all the new stuff with two coats. The goal here was to hide all imperfections so that we won't be laying in bed for the rest of our lives in this house wondering WTF we were thinking. I'm really hoping I accomplished that goal, but we will find out soon enough!

On the inside of the biggest wall is a new closet that we built to hold all our stuff. This closet is heavenly, as before we had a weird carpeted landing that didn't do a single thing. Now, we have a secret junk hole with a door. So much more useful!

Finally, the paint. Lucky for me, I had 7 (SEVEN!!!) snow days for this little dusting of snow here in Northern VA. You may have heard about it.

During these 7 days off, I managed to paint the ceiling, because for some reason is was a hideous beige before. I also painted all of the 50 enormous walls that this room somehow contains.

 We employed some less-than-safe methods to paint these awkward, tall walls in this 2-level room:

I also painted a few other things, but I'm going to save those for another post :) heh heh. We're getting so close, and I can't wait to show you the finished product!