Sunday, April 19, 2015

Stitch Fix #4

COLOR! I've been dying for new color in my wardrobe, so for my April Stitch Fix I again requested bright colors. I was not disappointed when I opened my box: teal, blue, green, pink, and purple, plus a pretty bright orange. Ahh, heaven.

LOVE the color!

At first peek, I was curious if this would be one of those times where I'd have to talk myself out of spending a lot of money. Dangerous, but great if I love everything in the box! I read my always-adorable note from Kirsten, who I requested again after 2 successful fixes. She said she did her best with color, specifically a green that I'd pinned a few times on Pinterest, and threw in a casual yet versatile dress for my concert in May and different sleeve lengths to help me in Virginia's weird spring weather. So, I pulled out my favorite basic bottoms and got started.

If you're reading this for the first time, please check out my first Stitch Fix blog to read more about the process. If you decide to try Stitch Fix, please sign up using my link, as it gets me a referral credit towards my next Fix! I'd also highly recommend putting together a Pinterest style board to help your stylist see what sort of items you have your eye on. 

Similar to last time, I'm not going to tell you my final verdict unless it's completely obvious. I really enjoy hearing your feedback, whether it's on Facebook, via text, or down below in the comments. So let me know what you love or hate. Your comments have swayed my opinion more than once! 

Item #1: Pixley- Edmond Chevron Print Henley Shirt, Light Green

Cute rainbow-like chevron print cotton shirt with tab sleeves. Kirsten paired it with white jeans and a skirt, so I did the same. Hubs said he liked it better with the skirt, but I love white bottoms in the summer. This top is soft, comfy, and of course colorful.

 White jeans, then navy skirt. Always barefoot. Bonus cat tail with the white jeans.

Ultimate decision: Cute, but cute enough? It's more casual than the rest of my wardrobe is, but that's cool because I don't have anything like it. I did mumble to myself while putting it on that I felt a bit like Rainbow Bright, but now checking out pictures I think it's quite precious. 

Item #2: 41Hawthorn- Berneen Dolman Knit Top, Teal Green

So, if you hand me something teal green, chances are I will probably buy it. I mean, have you seen how I decorated my house? So, when I saw this top, it was automatically under consideration. Plus, I love the relaxed fit of the dolman style, and this particular one is a light knit so it's great for spring and for cooler summer nights. Paired again with white jeans and the same navy skirt, but I could and should have tried it with jean shorts, jeans, white skirt, and even black. Guess I was feeling lazy.

See how my phone cover matches? Case in point. 

Ultimate decision: Love the color, love 3/4 sleeves, but I worry that the ruched waistband isn't particularly flattering on me. I also have loads of this color in my closet and a few tops of this style already. Friends, what do you think?

Item #3: 41Hawthorn- Teresa Colorblocked Sleeveless Blouse, Light Green

I adore the bright green and blue, and I told my stylist I was looking for some tank tops because I really am not interested at all right now in any of the ones that I already own. I had also apparently inadvertently pinned a bunch of this green on Pinterest, so Kirsten definitely heard my cry and included this pretty piece, which also has a zip-up back. This could go with white, denim, black, etc.

 Teacher hair, then casual with shorts. 

Ultimate decision: I have decided that I hate these shorts. Unfortunately, I tried them on with 2 tops and didn't realize my feelings about them until now, so lets try to get over them quickly. Moving on... The top is cute, but I feel like in photo #2 my hips look really wide. Is it the shorts or where the colorblocking starts? Is this top special enough to keep? 

 Item #4: THML- Emory Spaghetti Stap Top, Navy

I love the pretty orange detail of this top and the crazy pattern on the back. The whole style of it is really casually adorable, which is typically what I look for in a summer top. I saw this on pinterest on another blonde and she looked amazing, so I was pretty stoked about it. Tried it on with -you guessed it- my white jeans and my weird jean shorts, but I could've done navy shorts, dark jeans, my navy or white skirt, cropped pants, etc. I also gave you a back shot so you can appreciate the cuteness. 

 Casual with shorts, dressier with jeans, and from the back.

Ultimate decision: This one is tricky, and my pics are really horrible. As you can probably tell from my description, I really want to love this top. However, the straps are super long for me, and I feel like the long length makes me look kind of lumpy or saggy. So, I'm thinking this one's a no unless I was able to do some strap alterations to it, which normally aren't too bad. Would it be worth it? That would shorten everything all over so it likely wouldn't sag awkwardly around the waist. I may pin the straps and try it with some darker bottoms before deciding. Weird how some tops fit me beautifully (see item #1, a perfect fit), and others would be so much better in a petite size.

 Item #5: Olive & Oak- Astelli Colorblock Dress, Navy

I was mildly disappointed to see another elastic waist, navy, colorblock dress after the one last month. I liked the one last time and got good feedback on it, but ended up not confident enough about it to buy it, so I let it go. This one is cute, but really pretty plain. I love a racerback, so that was a perk, and the fuchsia is beautiful so I was excited about that. But...

Womp womp.
Ultimate decision: Sorry, but I did not save the best for last. This thing is huge, with like 2 inches of extra material all the way around! I actually took 2 photos of this, but the first one was so frumpy that I didn't have the guts to post it. I know it's supposed to be blousy, but whoa. I wasn't sure about the gathered waist on my body type during my last fix when I got 2 of them, so now it's totally confirmed. Please, no more elastic waist dresses!

So, whaddya think. Should I keep anything? Kirsten is awesome and really does stick to what I request. As I said last time, I feel like she always includes one item that is very different in style from the rest. So far, it hasn't paid off, but this time her wildcard pick (item #1 was slightly boho casual, or am I crazy?) was pretty darn cute. I had some fit issues with other items, but I really wanted to like everything in the box. 

So, now it's your turn to talk. Is there anything I should totally keep or definitely send back? I'd love to hear from you!

And as always, thanks for reading!!