Sunday, September 27, 2015


This post will not be a how-to, but just a show-off. We've finally arrived at the final stage of our bathroom reno! The decorating, which will probably take a few years to complete, will be pushed off for a while. This bathroom will ultimately be for our future children, so we have no idea of how we want to decorate it yet. We will also be using this in the meantime while we redo our master suite, and Adam refused to live in a bathroom with ducks!

I don't expect anyone to wait until we have kids and decorate it accordingly for the reveal photos, so here's what our new bathroom looks like without decoration:

Here is our beautiful new granite, which we got at a decent price since we pulled it from the scrap pile. It looks like marble but is definitely granite, which makes us much more comfortable with durability in a kids' bathroom.

Bare turquoise walls, white cabinets, framed mirror, and our grey tile floor. The decorative items on the counter are just for show and are not permanent.

The final look, complete with ducky trashcan. The wall will stay bare for a while, but it is still looking really nice!

So, here's a rundown of budget, since I love to see how we did:

                            Expected                                  Actual
  • Wall paint: ~$50 Benjamin Moore.       $36 Home Depot- Behr Aqua Breeze
  • Tile floor: ~$60 + grout & mortar ~$25     Actually $60 + $19 for mortar. Already had grout!
  • Baseboards: ~$20                                  $20 at HD
  • Vanity: ~$300 at Home Depot.              Actually $306 at Home Depot
  • Countertop: ~$500.                                $579, but got a nicer piece than expected.
  • Lighting: ~$100.                                    $119 HD
  • Toilet: ~$200.                                        $150. Surprise! I talked Adam down to the cheaper one.
  • Faucet: ~$30                                         $30 HD
  • Mirror: reusing and framing                 Already had one piece of trim, bought the second for $7
  • TP holder: ~$30                                    $18. Hooray!
  • Towel bar/shelf?: ~$30                         Holding off on this, but will probably reuse stuff I already have.
  • Shower rod: ~$20                                 $7 HD
  • Other decorative items- $30                 TBD
             Estimate $1,395                                    Actual: $1,351 and hoping to keep it around here.

My estimate was fairly accurate this time. I'm getting better at this!

Our next renos, as previously mentioned, will be our master bathroom, master bedroom, and loft. They're gonna be pretty big ones, so they'll surely take a while. I will be discussing those in a post soon!