Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Time for a shower

The shower was our biggest unknown in this equation. Going from a bathtub to a shower is a little dangerous, only because you have to make sure everything is completely 100% waterproof, otherwise you'll have nice puddles all over your whole house. No, thank you.

So after framing out what we wanted, we hired a guy. This is not something we do often! We left him with our subfloor, wall studs, and some verbal plans.

Our guy came in, installed a curb and some concrete mini-walls, gave us a nice rubber membrane barrier, poured the concrete slope for our shower pan (not shown here), and gave us a solid drain. Worth the outsourcing to know that there was a lot of waterproofing done by a professional before we got our rookie hands on it!

My handy hubs then worked up the rest of our pipes, and we were ready for backerboard. This is the concrete board that goes behind tile.

We then sealed up the joint and nail holes, and coated the whole thing with this horrible red paint membrane that makes the walls bulletproof. It also starts out a lovely shade of pepto-bismol pink.

This then turned to a blood red when dry, which clashed marvelously with our freshly painted royal blue walls. I got dizzy just peering in the room. Needless to say, I didn't capture that clash in a photo.

We were then ready to tile our floor. There is a lot of professional talk about whether to tile the floor or walls first. After reading more than I should've and stressing about it, I decided I don't think it ultimately matters. We thought it would be easier to get the floor under the walls, so we did the floor first. At the same time, we did the rest of the bathroom floor.

We then did our little shower nook. This was a challenge! However, nothing some tape, a cat scratching post, a baseboard, and creativity couldn't handle.

Tile walls were next on the agenda:

Buh-bye and good riddance, red! After mortaring the tile to the surfaces, the next step was to seal it all and then grout it. When all the tiling was done, we added a lovely granite countertop, a glass shower wall, and some pretty art and fixtures. Good to go! The next post will show you the finished product. About time, right?

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