Monday, January 18, 2016

Major Master

I alluded to this day in my last post, a recent almost 4 months ago. After we finished the bathroom, the school year started, and I was swept away in teacher things. The plan all along was to move over into the 2nd bedroom to make way for (ta-da...) a BIG reno project. Well, little did we know how enormous this project would actually be!

Our master bedroom is loft-style, which gives the illusion of more space with a vaulted ceiling and tall walls. We loved the openness, but hated the wrought-iron railing that spanned the width of the room and the lovely beige carpet overhang that wrapped over the wall.

The cherry on top was the carpeted landing above our closets, which was a complete waste of space. Our cats loved it, though, and had been known to chill there and stare at us while we slept! (Check out our 2 updated closets, by the way. Those are new!! We will do the linen closet one after the bathroom, when we figure out what we need for storage.)

After much discussion, we decided to build an additional closet on top of our closets to store more of our accumulating junk. Then, to give the loft a bit more of a private feel, we agreed to do a half wall all the way around. This would be a big endeavor, but would give us the extension and height we were looking for in our walls, the extra storage space we needed, and a more modern look, we hoped!

Step one was to trim and pull back the carpet to get it off the wall. Already much better looking:

Then, we chucked the iron railing, bit by bit. Ugh.

                                               A bit sketchy, but quite cool!

We then pulled the carpet back completely to preserve it and give us more working room:

 Now we were ready for building! Adam built this sweet frame for our closet:

Lexi watched from a few safe spots, despite loud drilling, sawing, and cursing:

Once screwed in to numerous studs, it was pretty sturdy and ready for a door frame:

This then gave us the stability to build the rest of our wall, at half height so as to not close everything off completely, but still give privacy to the loft space:

And from here, I will save the rest for another day! The demo and preliminary construction took about 2 weeks, and we've got some other updates to show you. Check back soon for more!

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