Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Bathroom #2 befores

I vow to be a better blogger this time. I swear I will try hard.

We are getting ready to start full bathroom reno #2 in this house. Our last disaster bathroom was our "practice," and it's a very good thing. Despite the beautiful results, the process was a nightmare. We are now anticipating double the amount of time to finish this one, and a much larger budget.

But first, some before photos. I'm very proud of myself for taking these, because I never quite remember the befores until I'm halfway through the demo! This bathroom has been our guest bathroom for the past year, and also our cats' bathroom. It's not the cutest thing ever, but it's been mostly functional. It will remain the kitty toilet space and a place for future kids to use, but we have plans to make it a more discreet litter spot, and much more fashionable.

Not terrible, but not impressive.

I hate this light.
The shower is fine and will remain the same, but everything else will change.
Kitty litter, light wood cabinet, scratched plastic counter, rusty faucet, chipped mirror.
Again, fine, but not great.
 Now on to the fun part. Remember my last far too small budget? We are aiming for under $1500 for this renovation. Here's the breakdown:
  • Wall paint: ~$50 Benjamin Moore.
  • Tile floor: ~$60 at Home Depot. Purchased! Need grout and perhaps mortar, though we have some. ~$25
  • Baseboards: ~$20 or perhaps we will go with a tile trim? ~$30. Unsure.
  • Vanity: ~$300 at Home Depot. Purchased!
  • Countertop: ~$500. We're planning for granite or marble. Ouch! Still need to price shop here.
  • Lighting: ~$100. Increasing this after our last attempt.
  • Toilet: ~$200. Same ol' golf ball flusher.
  • Faucet: ~$30 at Home Depot. Purchased!
  • Mirror: reusing and framing with left over trim that we already have. 
  • TP holder: ~$30
  • Towel bar/shelf?: ~$30
  • Shower rod: ~$20
  • I have decor ideas in mind and in boxes, so I'm hoping they work with the whole look. If not, I plan to have an extra $$ ready, just in case.
The vanity and countertop are going to be the big ticket items here, so let's hope we get a good deal on the counters!

Coming soon, demo and step-by-step instructions :)

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