Friday, May 15, 2015

Stitch Fix #5

Number five, number five!

So sadly I've been getting less excited about my stitch fixes lately, maybe just because I'm getting used to them, or maybe because I've been cheating a little bit to look and see what's in my box before I even receive it... Nonetheless, this time I was expecting good things after my pre-delivery snooping online. I saw lots of tanks, color, and cool cut-outs, and that's just what I was looking for!

Since we moved into our house a bit over a year ago, I've been seriously weeding out the junk in my closet and elsewhere. I've sold a few hundred dollars worth of stuff on eBay and used the site Twice, which gives you money for your used clothes that you send in. This is all great, but since I've been trying to really pare down my closet, I've noticed that there are whole sections of my closet that are seriously lacking. Work-appropriate tanks happens to be one of those areas.

Luckily, I saw my sad tank situation coming from a mile away, so I requested them in my fix, as well as a bright pair of shorts. As Kirsten's cute little letter stated, they did not have any bright shorts available at the moment, which was just fine because I had just found a great pair. I have the hardest time finding shorts, but these ones are cute and cheap. Win! So no worries, Kirsten, it's all good.

Anyway, on to the fix! (If you're curious about what Stitch Fix is, check out my first post where I explain it in detail.) I saw bright colors, which are always welcome, and a really great blue patterned item. Even my cat was happy, though probably because she knew she was getting the box to play in afterwards.

So, check this out and let me know what you like or hate. I love hearing feedback!

Item #1: Pixley- McCarthy Cutout Detail Blouse, Coral

I love a good coral, and though I have a few sweaters and a blouse (from my March fix), I have no summer tops in this color. It has these edgy cutouts along the shoulders which I loved. I tried it with the grey jeans I already had on, and again with some dark shorts.

Ultimate decision: This is pretty cute. It's long enough to where I'm well covered in jeans, but also short enough to wear with shorts without looking naked. I could also try this tucked into a skirt and I bet it would look great. Maybe not exactly work appropriate, but I could probably get away with it.

Item #2: Daniel Rainn- Ishara Lace Detail V-Neck Blouse, Blue

I had pinned this top to my Pinterest board when I was on my cobalt kick a few months ago... and just so you know that hasn't ended. I tried it with my white jeans and some bright shoes and again with a denim skirt.

Ultimate decision: I just adore this color, and finally it's a top in this hue that looks good on me! My skirted look is definitely not my favorite, but it's not horrible. I do think the white pants look is downright fantastic, and I'm sure I could find other bottoms to pair it with. 

Item #3: Fun2Fun- Charles Embroidered Trim Blouse, Fuchsia

This top has a beautiful lace/embroidered/cutout area along the bottom that I fell in love with immediately. Though I claim I'm not a pink girl, this color is great. I tried it with a pair of denim shorts for casual wear and a white skirt and wedges for a fancier look.

Ultimate decision: Again, great color. I love it with white and wish I had tried it with my white or grey jeans. Nonetheless, it looks decent with both bottoms and I feel very classy and girly in it. It's kind of swing-like, but not swingy enough so that it feels like a tent.

Item #4: Skies are Blue- Calypso Racerback Blouse, Orange

This is a lightweight almost-sheer-but-not-quite bright orange top with a white pattern. It screams summer! I tried it with my lazy grey jeans, beads, and a mini-ponytail (still getting used to my practically non-existant hair), and again with my white shorts that I still hate but haven't found anything better to replace them yet.

 Ultimate decision: Racerback tops are my favorite for summer. I love the lightness of this top, and I even like that it's somewhat baggy but not enormous. Color and price are wonderful! Need more flattering white shorts, though.

Item #5: Eight Sixty- Coretta Maxi Dress, Blue

And then there's this. This was the crazy blue pattern I saw when I opened the box, and it really is crazy. My stylist Kirsten recommended this for some of the summer festivals that are coming up, and it really seemed perfect! It has blue double straps and a slightly flowy skirt. I tried it alone and again with a denim jacket for those cool summer nights. 

 Ultimate decision: This is just a really cool dress. I love how the patterns of the top and bottom clash and compliment at the same time. It's funky and pretty, and I feel great in it. It shows off a little more than I would normally, but for summer festivals who cares? The only issue is it's about 3 inches too long. This is not new for me :) and I'm very fortunate to have a very talented seamstress for a mom. Maybe she could help me out here?

So, this is the first time that I've really liked every item in my box! My question is: which of these, if any, are worth keeping? Should I keep them all? Whaddya think? This fix has definitely pumped up my excitement for the next box!

As always, if you're interested in trying out Stitch Fix, please sign up under my link as it will get me a referral credit. Thanks!


  1. I love items 2-5, especially the cobalt lace shirt!! I might have to ask for it in my next Fix. The cut out tank is cute too but I always try to find items I can wear to work! The fuschia tank is also really pretty and the maxi dress! I am short (5'1) and always have the problem of maxi dresses and skirts being overwhelmingly long too. We are both lucky our moms don't mind tailoring :)

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Shannon! I'm 5'1 also, so I have to get most items hemmed, too! :)